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Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles Revisited

Last Night was the finale of season 1 of The Sarah Connor Chronicles. Because of the writers strike, season 1 is only 9 episodes, but I loved every one of them.

If you're looking for a big loud shoot them up with tons of explosions then you're gonna be disappointed. This series is less about explosions (although there are many) and more focused on story/plot.

I loved the series and especially the episode where we got a glimpse of what the future was like. Human living in sewers praying that Skynet would not find them, rebels engaging the cyborgs. I also love that we don't know if Cameron will eventually be the start of skynet. There are some hints of darker things to come but nothing concrete yet.

Everyone of the cast is superb, I had reservations about Brian Austin Green (of 90210 fame) initially but he's turning out to be a strong character. The only person I dislike is the FBI agent James Ellison. I'm still not sure about his motivation and where he stands in the whole battle, but if the finale doesn't put him on Sarah's side, then he's a lost cause.

I highly recommend The Sarah Connor Chronicles, and I hope they will somehow tie this series into the upcoming Movie Terminator Salvation: The Future Begins due out in 2009 and starring Christian Bale as the grown up John Conner. But for right now, Terminator is alive and well.

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