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Movie Review: Jumper

Oh I had such high hopes for this movie. SUCH HIGH HOPES! The premise is that some people are born with the power to teleport. They come into their power at 5 years old and discover they can teleport to any place as long as they have seen the place before. And there are also a group of religious fanatics called Paladins who beleive that only God should have such power and make it their sole duty to track and kill all jumpers.

The story focuses on one boy David (Hayden Christenson) who discovers his ability to jump when he falls thru the ice into a lake. He takes this chance to leave his unhappy home and to finance his new life robs a bank. Fast forward about 8+ years and he's now living the high live in a New York Penshouse jumping to Australia for surfing, Egypt for lunch, and London for some romancing.

Then the paladins come and he has a rude awaking. Here's where I have major issues withthe plot line. A Paladin breaks into his home and almost kills him, he escapes. But instead of trying to find out more about the Paladins or protect himself from them this dumb son of bitch looks up his old flame and romances her to Europe.

I won't list out the rest of the plot, but like I said I had such high hopes for this movie and I can easily see this movie having the potential for sequels or even a TV series with Jumpers vs the Paladins. But no, David has got to be a person with sub-par intelligence. All he cares about is finding his true love and living his life out happily, blind to the danger of the Paladins. Its noted in the movie that the Paladins are a very well organized, run, and funded group that span the world and have very high tech toys to track and kill jumpers and they've been doing it for centuries. Instead of protecting himself, or looking for other jumpers, or trying to organize the Jumpers, this dumb-ass leaves the only other jumper he knows to potential death and makes nice with his lady love. Shallow, dumb, idiotic writing.

If there is a sequel or TV Series, they would do well to forget about the Character of David the dumb and go with a Jumper with some intelligence.

After all my ranting you might think I hate the show, but that's untrue. Its just that this show could have been so much more. It could have gotten a cult following like Highlander or Stargate or Matrix, instead its simply a pop-corn show with a bad character development. All that said it was still a fun movie to watch but I would definitely get it on DVD instead of shelling out $10. Boy am I glad I got discounted tickets.

I give this move a disappointing 3/5


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