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Movie Review: Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull

Getting this review out a week late, but in case you've not seen the show...

It took 19 years and a whole lotta convincing, but we finally have Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull.

I won't give away story plots but the thing to remember about Indy is that its based on pure fun and is a pop-corn movie. As you watch the show, you'll obviously notice that Indy isn't as young as he used to be, and despite that he still had a lot of action sequences.

The villians in the show were quite campy, but then again, another Indy trademark. Although I will say that Cate Blanchett was a disappointing villianess. The film reminds us time and again that its set in the 60's as the Germans have now been replaced with Russians and with constant visual reminders like when a certain someone rides in on a cool harley.

Overall, I loved it. Don't go in expecting to be wowed by this movie, think of it as a final adventure of a very loved character. It was a pleasant journey down memory lane with a familiar musical score, familiar characters and some development in Indy's backstory.

However, eins (my BFF) saw the show and hated it. I'll admit that there were scenes in the movie that were too over the top, (a certain vine swinging sequence) and if you don't like SciFi... well, you're probably not gonna like the plot of the entire show.

My advice is to not expect anything out of the show beyond some nostogila and a want for fun action sequences with a familiar cast. Then I think you'll love the movie.

I give the forth and final Indy flick a 4/5. Not great, but good enough.

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