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Last Photos of 2008 - Food

Been lazy making posts, but here's the last of the pics from 2008.

For My Birthday, Eins treated me to an Ethiopian dinner. It was actually very good. We had Ethiopian samosa for starters and then the main course which was a sample of many kinds of dishes on flat bread. The idea being you would tear off chunks of the bread and eat it with the dishes on top.

Oh and they didn't give you utensils so it was hands all the way. A fun meal. And as you can see, we did justice to it.

This next meal was eaten on New Year's day 2009. We decided to go simple and got Ham, Olive loaf, Liverwurst and Brie ad some good old fashioned french bread.

And finally, a rare post of me and ein's actual faces. The way we look in 2008.


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