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Movie Review: UP

I'll be honest, I love Pixar movies (who doesn't) but after watching the trailers for this latest one I was not so thrilled. Still because of the amazing reviews it got, I took a chance.

OMG! Its perhaps one of the best that pixar has come up with. I don't say this lightly either. The trailers for UP did not do it justice. This show is funny and yet its depiction of an old man and his life is so enduring its tear jerking. That's right there are several spots around the show where you could tear up. I'm glad to say that I didn't give in till the end of the movie to shed a tear or 2.

Notice that I'm not giving any details on the show itself except to say its good very very good. Kiddies will love it and even better, adults will too and not feel as if they are watching a cartoon. Run, don't walk to watch this one. UP get's a very very solid 10/10 in my opinion.

I know, I love this movie too! Just when I think Pixar can't beat Wall-E, they come up with Up. :) It's so good

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