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Alaska Trip - Day 2

Still at my place, I've got to work today so we only went out in the evening. Parents spent the day at home mostly jet lagged although they did get to walk around the neighborhood.

Evening was at a Brazilian restaurant which was very good. The waiters (all from Brazil) cook the meat and serve it. 25 different types of meat, most are excellent and the salad bar was very impressive too. Huge stalks of asparagus, beefsteak tomatoes, sauteed mushrooms etc.

After dinner, I asked where they might want to go and the answer was the Casino. It was a fun night out.


ku ku alvin, can you post MORE videos.. oh how much did mama win??
ok bye!! pls reply!!


I will Sarah. Day 3 will be a little slow because we spent most of the day out. But I'll post soon.

Ma ma didn't win or lose, she broke even.

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