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Alaska Trip - 01 - Arrival

(This video is best watched in HD quality, just click play and then the HD button on the bottom right corner)

That's it in a nutshell, Day 1. Both were very tired, Pa went to sleep after dinner at about 7+pm and mom watched The Lake House and went to bed about 11pm. I spent about 3-4 hours trying to piece together several videos into a single video and finally uploaded the darn thing.

I'm working tomorrow so they are on their own. Lots of food in the house and list of cab numbers if they feel up to going to the Mall of America. More videos to come.

PS. Cos I know I'll get flack for this, I was not late in picking them up, I was waiting for 20+mins. But like I said, 3 ways to exits the airport and I was at the wrong one. :p

The point is that you were not there to help them lift the baggage off the belt . . You were hahahaha

You so early 20 min do what? Never go & find the right belt 8P

the sister

hahaha don't listen to Ruby bro...just make sure next time you get the right belt cos it's gonna be 2 brats making their way to visit..without the parents...how? u game??..:p

Anytime Bro. If you come in the winter the kids are now old enough to do skiing and such and in the summer there's Vallyfair and six flags.

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