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A Slow Sat Night

Bah! Its Saturday evening and I'm bored. Been searching for something interesting to put on the blogs but everything's dead calm. Its very interesting that all the blogs/sites/fourms that I usually visit dry up on Friday evening. I guess people only bother with the internet when they don't have "better" things to do.

I just finished watching Cellular on DVD check out my review. It is a pretty good show. And a lesser known fact is that William H. Macy is in it. Very belivable plot and just a host of veteran actors. Much better than I had anticipated.

Well.. Off to Hollywood video now I guess. I'm gonna get Ice Princess and Guess Who. They've been on the top of my netflicks list for the past 3+ weeks now, but still nothing. Instead I got the first 3 DVD's of The Muppet Show Season 1. I love the Muppets, but after 2 DVD's I need something different. And Netflicks had better watch out. If this happens anymore, I might just switch DVD carriers. Anyone else getting more dissatisfied with Netflick's service?

Me, me, me! Netflix is super slow in shipping me discs lately.....

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