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Whedon talks Serenity and Wonder Woman

Great interview with Joss Whedon. I was never really into Buffy or Angel so never really noticed Joss Whedon up until Firefly. Then I find out he's the person responsible for Toy Story and Speed. And since then I've been a Whedon convert. So its with great anticipation that I await Serenity and Wonder Woman. Long live his legacy of stylish semi cheezy TV :)
Everyone, I believe, enjoys the Chinese cursing. [In the futuristic universe of “Firefly” and “Serenity,” everyone speaks both English and Chinese, but almost all of the cursing is in Chinese.] Is it true your wife speaks Chinese?
It is, although she’s lost some of it, to her chagrin. She did live in China for a while and teach English there, and is the person who educated me about China. Probably not the language I would have chosen, because you can say something that’s paragraphs long in like two syllables, so I kept having to write longer and longer curses, just so people could hear the Chinese. But it does make perfect sense. China is going to be the greatest world power on the planet within this decade.
PS. OMG! Trailer 2 ROCKS!!!!

OMG - fabulous article. He adores House - how cool is that?!

He also like Veroncia Mars. Even better in my book :) Now you've got 3rd parties urging you to watch the new Buffy.

I'm starting to watch the VM on TV when they rerun. I have to admit - u are gith with the whole Logan & Mars thing. Kinda cute. And then I got bored with some mystery stuff and skipped forward and watched the last episode of the season (downloaded it). Now I even know who's at the door....;)

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