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Dolce & Gabanna - Too Far?

This has been circling the blog community for some weeks now and I thought I'd post on it too.
Let's face it. The young are impressionable and if D&G do it then so will they. Low riding jeans is one thing but so low that it shows your pubes? I'm sorry but even I think that's just tacky.

Even worse is that at least these models are very hot and can carry the look. But have you been to places like the State Fair? The Minnesota State Fair just ended, and one of the topics on this morning's radio was how these HUGE women wear very skimpy clothes and very low riding jeans trying to mimic the more... young, fit and trendy. Admit it we've all seen these plus size women wearing such outfits. But my point is that I don't need to see the pubes of a middle aged overweight hairy guy. I get enough of that looking in the mirror. I don't need to see it in public.

Thanks to sambag for the post. And there are more pics on his blog.

Saw what you will about their fashion faux pas.....they have excellent long lean abs. My fav kind.

Well, we have middle-aged aunties here with tattoed eyebrows that have turned green and go to the wet markets wearing luminous spandex shorts.


completely agree with you here mate. the whole 'low cut' thing has definitely been taken too far - with ladies jeans it's way past funny. let's keep the private bits private.

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