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Chances are you've not heard about the movie Everything is Illuminated. Its quirky and an indie movie. But just look at the poster! It sucks you right in, plus it also stars the head hobbit honcho (Elijah Wood).

The story is about a Jewish American’s trip to Ukraine to find the woman who saved his grandfather from the Nazis. The American returning to the homeland happens to be named Jonathan Safran Foer, a young writer who obsessively collects items relating to his family.

Not the most compelling of plots but... its an indie movie so its not all about big explosions and million dollar stunts. Sometime we gotta feed the SOUL. Ok, gonna go watch The 70's show now, my soul needs about 30% big budget special effects, 30% humor, 30% cheesy romance movies and the remainder is all for that deep stuff... like this movie.

Here's a review of the movie from CHUD

Actually.....this was a book first. You should read the book, it's really, really good.

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