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Supernatural is on the WB which means for the most part pretty people. And it does deliver in this instance. Jensen Ackles came to fame on Smallville and Jared Padalecki was on Gilmore Girls ever since the begining. Both had their characters written off their respective shows to do this one, so hopefully it works out.

I was especially disappointed about Jared being off Gilmore Girls, I love that show. If you've not seen it, do so. Gilmore Girls is one of the most under-rated shows around. It has excellent writing and is intelligent and smart and has pretty people so you can be intellectual and shallow at the same time

I agree! I admit, I am obsessed with Gilmore Girls...and it is dissapointing that Jared is off. But, I thought Supernatural is great. Some of the effects were a little cheesey, but thats okay. It's Jared and we love him!! Oh, and isn't is a little weird that his name is Sam and the other dude is DEAN NOW? :) lol

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