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Scifi Lineup this Fall (2005-2006)

If you're a sci-fi freak like me, this fall is a veritable bonanza. Thanks to SolarFlare for putting this table of all the sci-fi shows together.

The new shows this fall are:
Surface - Its all about deep sea mysteries.

Supernatural - OK. 2 reasons I'm so excited about this show. It has 2 hot stars and the premise is pretty interesting. 2 brothers going town to town investigating rumors of strange happenings.

Invasion - Coming off the 4400 roller coaster, this might provide me with my allien fix till the 3rd season of The 4400.

The Night Stalker - Hmmm... investigative show with twists.

The Ghost Whisperer - Jennifer Love Hewitt talks to the dead. It could work.

Threshold - I'm really pumped about this one. An extraterrestrial craft has landed on earth and a group is assembled to find out why. I hope they do this one justice.

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