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Hong Kong actors, directors leave Hollywood

Here's a great article on why Hong Kong actors and directors are leaving Hollywood.

To sum up, the money is good but there's basically no room for creativity. Hence we keep seeing these great actors in sub-par action movies. Have you watched Jackie in "The Medallion" or "The Tuxedo". If not don't bother, they suck like the biggest lemons.

Ah well... I say make a movie in hollywood every 2-3 years for the millions of dollars and to remind the US public that you're still alive, then go back to asia and really work on your craft.

Also, if you want meatier roles, hiring a linguist/language tutor might be a good idea. Heh Heh Heh of course I'm one to talk, 12 years of learning mandarin and I'm lucky to be able to understand about 70% of a Chinese movie. Worse yet, most movies from Hong Kong are in Cantonese which I completely can't understand. Thank god for subtitles!

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