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DVD Sale from Target

Target is having a super sale on DVD's this whole week till 8th Oct 2005. Selected DVD sets are only $18.88 and I bought a few sets as you can see. Slickdeals.com ROCKS!!!

Each set contains 5-6 DVD's and if you assume $20 per set inc tax, that's only $4 per disc for 4-6 hours of viewing. Not to mention you could sell the sets on ebay for a slight profit or stock up for Christmas gifts. Here are the titles available:
  • Smallville 1&2
  • Lois and Clark 1
  • Nip Tuck 1
  • Friends 1&2
  • Everybody Loves Raymond 1&2
  • ER 1&2
  • Full House 1
  • Fresh Prince 1
  • West Wing 1&2
  • Wonder Woman 1&2
  • Dukes of Hazzard 1&2
  • Gilligan's Island 1&2
  • Without a Trace
  • The Waltons 1

Couldn't contact you through email so don't mind me. =)

I really like your blog and we actually share many interests. Like fantasy games, Raymond E Feist, D&D, the fact that we are both queer and hailing from good ol' oppressive Singapore!

Would be grateful if we could link each other up. Gonna drop by regularly, if only for the pics of hot guys in your blogs! ;)

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