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Review - The Fog

Bah, save this one for a rental. Its not bad, but its not really great either. The plot moves slow, and the ending really blows.

Essentially, its about a tale of revenge. Way back when, the 4 founders of this small fishing/tourist town on Antonio island commited a terrible crime. They stole everything from a leper ship and then burned the ship with the lepers in it. They used their ill gains to found the town. About 200+ years later the town is very prosperous but guess who's back for revenge. And so when the mysterious fog roles in so do the ghosts of the lepers.

The special effects for the movie are excellent though and it has the best representation of ghosts that I've ever seen. Tom Welling and Selma Blair both look excellent in the movie but are so under used that its not worth bothering. I give the show a 6/10.

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