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Movie Review - Waiting

Why oh why did I watch this movie? Because I like the 2 main actors in it. Justin Long (From Ed) and Ryan Reynolds (From Blade: Trinity & The Amityville Horror)

Would I recommend the movie? If you like Ryan's older shows like Van Wilder, about teenage angst, gross comedy then you'll probably like this movie. I loved Van Wilder and this show had its moments, but be prepared, this movie must be an indie film because the film itself looks like it was filmed in the early 80's, the actual film quality was grainy and will not be mistaken for High Definition. This might have been a creative decision but I think it was more a money issue.

The focus of the film is about the life of a bunch of people who work at a restaurant called Shinanigangs, and about the 'growth' of Long's character who finally decides that at 22, he does not want to wait table all his life. Also, the people at Shinanigangs play this ongoing game where they lay 'traps' and try to get others to view their private parts. For example, hiding behind the door of the freezer and the poor sap who opens the freezer door gets a full view of your privates. The penality? You get to kick the poor sap on his booty and call him homophobic names. We even get to see one waitress play the game. Yes boys, we get to see a bush, hence the R rating for this show.

Long, Ryan and most of the supporting cast are excellent and you can see how good they made a poor plot. But I say save yourself the trouble and wait for this one on DVD. I give this movie a 5/10.

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