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Rant - Hellbent

I'm been waiting to watch this movie mostly cos its the first gay horror movie ever made. 2 genres which I happen to enjoy. Here's the Rant, I found out it showed in Minneapolis on Oct 6th and only for 1 day. 1 DAY! and worse yet it was a Thursday! Almost all indie shows in Minneapolis are aired at the Lagoon theater which is in uptown which is not very "accessable" and a bitch to find parking. After a day at the office I was not in the mood to fight traffic and watch what might be a bad show.

"Latter Days" also came to Minneapolis for 1 day but at least that was on a Friday. I know indie shows and especially gay indie shows don't have a large following, hence the 1 day viewings, but wouldn't putting the movie out on DVD now vs 8 months down the road be better? sigh... rant off.

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