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Upcoming Movie - TRANSFORMERS

In case you've not heard, we will be having a TRANSFORMERS movie and not a cartoon one. This is live action meaning there will be actual actors playing the parts of the talking machines. I'm looking forward to this one, I spent many an afternoon watching the cartoons and buying all those cool transformer toys.

  • Optimus Prime will probably not die in the first film as he did in the animated movie.
  • Megatron will probably be a tank!
  • Producer Don Murphy wants to use the original voice cast instead of famous actors
  • The writers would love to show the Cybertron (homeworld of the Transformers).
Steven Spielberg is executive producer, with Lorenzo di Bonaventura, Tom DeSanto and Don Murphy as co-executive producers. Dreamworks is releasing the movie and is scheduled for July 4, 2007.

Heh all this nostalgia also reminds me of the little ditty we used to hum.
The Lyric of the English cartoon theme:
The Transformers, more than meets the eye

Our perversion (in Hokkien):
The Transformers, Lan Chao pa Chee Bai

The Transformers, cock bangs cunt

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