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Upcoming Movie - Fantastic Four 2 Confirmed

YESSsss! I don't care if other hated the show or were luke warm to it. I personally loved the show. Could it have been better? Yes. Could the plot and acting be improved? Yes. Was the climax really short? Yes. But I still liked the show. Heck if you compare it to Dardevil or Catwoman this Movie ROCKED!!!!

Anyway, the original cast have all signed up for it and no confirmation on who the villan will be as yet.

Did I also mention I currently thing that Chris Evans should be elevated to Demi-god status? OMG! He's so so so greek god like. Yes I know I'm gushing like a 13 year old school girl with pigtails in a japanese anime but with good reason as you'll see in my post above :)

PS. He only factored the show (Fantastic Four) from a must see to a classic for me. It really is a good show.

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