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A Sob Story

I'll eventually get over this Korean film fest that I've got going, especially since I'm sure hardly anyone is interested in hearing about them. But for right now let me introduce to you this film called A Moment to Remember.

If there are times when you just feel like having a good cry, well this is the movie for you. Its a very simple tale. Poor capenter (who aspires to be an architect) falls in love with beautiful rich girl, they over come their differences and fall in love. She get's Alzheimer's and the tears start flowing. You get the idea.

But this show is very well done. The cast is likable, the plot is solid, and there's a bittersweet ending and makes you sob while comforting you.
Gotta go grab more tissue now.

the guy is really cute.... ^_^

Yes he is. He's also quite built too. I didn't get any screenshots but very nice eye candy.

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