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Are you anxious that X-men3 might not be as good as the previous 2? Are you just a Jackman fan or Xman fan and can't wait for X-men3 to be released in about a month?

Here's a clip of Hugh Jackman on Jay Leno and its got an AWESOME scene from the movie. I'm so pumped about the show right now!

And for all your X-men fans... the rumours are TRUE!!! You know what that metal head means!!!!


omg!!! i can't fucking wait for that movie! i've been pissing my pants since i saw the teaser! i can't believe ratner had the balls to put sentinels in. i'm not too surprised though, since the cast listing on imdb.com had bolivar trask as a character. he's the one who created the machines.

can't wait!!!

Sadly this video has been removed from youtube.

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