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Interview with Mr. Brandon Routh (aka Superman)

Question: So you're 6'3". What did you weigh when you were Superman?

Routh: 220, 218 at my heaviest.

Question: And what do you weigh now?

Routh: 211, 212.
Question: For the sequel right, you're doing a sequel too right?

Routh: If we do another one, I'll certainly be back in the gym before that.

Question: Have they told you to set aside September 2007?

Routh: They've not told me any time. I'm the last to know.

Question: What's next for you professionally? Are you going to be able to, are you looking for things that are as un-Superman-like as you can before doing another Superman movie or are you just taking your time?

Routh: Well I'm Superman, just not action. I'm kind of looking for something with a lot less action and more talking and listening. I also have a film that's premiering Vegas Film Festival, short film, directed by Joel Kelly, it's called Denial and it's a story, short film, 35 mm short film and it's about a man's struggle to choose between the woman of his dreams and his reality, so it's definitely different than Superman. So I'm really proud of that.

Question: Are you a comic guy, are you a fan boy yourself?

Routh: I am, of comics I was never as big of a fan as I probably could have been I suppose but I'm definitely a fan of science fiction fantasy. My interests were in fantasy more than comics growing up.

Read the whole interview. It sounds like Routh is very down to earth.


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