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My New Fave Site

Ever heard about wikiHow? Its a wiki that basically shows you how to do things. Its so addicitive and fun to read. Here's my wikihow pick.

Sushi Etiquette

* If there is tea available, drink it with one hand holding it, and the other hand supporting it from underneath, using two hands to hold the cup. (Men don't have to do this.)
* If there is sake for drinking, it boorish to pour sake for yourself. Pour some into cups for others, and let your companions pour sake for you.
* The purpose of the soy sauce is to flavor the fish, not the rice.
* The Japanese words and phrases are optional; not every employee in a sushi shop will speak or understand Japanese.

* Avoid playing with your chopsticks.
Don't Play with Chopsticks
Don't Play with Chopsticks
* Use a scant amount of soy sauce, it's impolite to fill up your dish with excess soy sauce.
* It's just fine to put a a small amount of wasabi on your sushi; likewise, it's fine to tell the chef (itamae-san) that you don't want any wasabi--it will never be taken as an insult. Just use the phrase "wasabi nuki de." Some folks just don't like wasabi, and the customer is king--or "god" as they say in Japanese "okyaku-sama wa kami-sama desu."
* Don't expect the chef to handle the money. Have another employee assist you. People who handle the food never touch the money.
* Don't ask for knives, as sushi is not that tough to eat!


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