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Game Review - Neverwinter Nights 2

Just installed my copy of Neverwinter Nights 2 last week and I'm in 7th Heaven. If you've never played Neverwinter Nights and you enjoy the RPG games then hesitate no longer. Get this game.

The Good
- This game follows D&D 3.5 edition rules. It chock full of D&D goodness. If you currently play D&D or have enjoyed D&D in the past, get this game and wait no longer.
- Playing a Mage used to be a pain as you could only memorize spells once every 8 hours. Well its now called resting and it lasts 5 secs. I know its a departure from D&D rules but it works really well for a computer game.
- Wizards too slow and stuffy? Then try out the new Warlock class. Trust me on this one. Warlocks were over powered in pen n paper D&D, but in a computer game, THEY ROCK!
- 9th level spells are included, which means level progression goes all the way till level 20
- Races and Classes. They have done absolute wonders here, allowing players to play a myrid of sub races such as Drow and Tanglefoot halflings. Oh and beware, Drow do have a +2 level racial adjustment.
- This game uses the reputation system introduced in Knights of the Old Republic. This is a VERY good thing. Each decision tree discussion in game could cause you to lose faction with your party members. EXCELLENT!
- Charisma is no longer a filler talent. My 1st character was a warlock and I enhanced my Diplomacy and Bluff skills. trust me, it paid off very well in several game options. This also means the campaign story is excellent!!!
- Don't fret about hating the first 1-5 levels too much. The tutorial (which plays as the prologue for the campaign) will up you to level 3 by the time Act 1 starts.

The Bad
- Fairly high system requirements.

The Ugly
- Not everything is hunky dory. Many people are having problems patching the game. I had about 5.5 GB of free HDD space and while patching the game, it would say insufficient space! Well, I did 2 things. (1) I Patched my windoes update. Reason for this was the game will install .NET Frame 2.0 on your system. But you need to go to microsoft's website to download the additional patches for Frame 2.0 Once this is done, ensure you have about 6.5 GB of space on your HDD and patching should go smoothly. I know this is totally retarded, a game needing 6.5 GB to patch itself? Just swallow it and patch, you'll be happy you did when the game starts.
(Face facts, Atari is the publisher and we all know Atari's support is TERRIBLE!)

I'm currently leveling 3 different characters at the same time. Isale, a chaotic neutral Human Warlock. Sialeeds, a Chaotic Good Sun Elf Mage. Dro'shanji, a Lawful Evil Thiefling Monk. Its AWESOME! The plot is the same right now but even then, the game play for all 3 is so different. Sialeeds - Sun Elf Wizard with 20 Intelligence

- If you're a Warlock, get the feat Point Blank Range. You'll need it.
- If you're a Mage, 2 spells to ALWAYS memorize is Mage Armor and Ghostly Vistage

I highly recommend this game, especially if you enjoyed the Baldurs Gate series and Neverwinter Nights. I give it a 8/10 for RPG gamers and a 9.5/10 for D&D fans. Isale - Human Warlock with 18 Charisma


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