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Lindsey admids she's a skank!

OK this is perhaps among the WORST things Lindsey Lohan could have done. She gave a surprisingly frank interview to News of the World, talking about her battles with eating disorders, admitting to using drugs, and wanting to have sex with as many people as possible.
But while she has had a difficult relationship with food, there has never been anything wrong with Lindsay's sexual appetite.

The wild child has had a string of dalliances with celebs like John Lennon's son Sean, Bruce Willis, Leonardo DiCaprio, Colin Farrell, Jonathan Rhys Meyers, Jared Leto and Joaquin Phoenix.

She confesses: "Sex And The City changed everything for me because those girls would just sleep with so many people. And that's me. I'm not dating just one person.

"It is the variety of partners everyone likes, especially at my age. I'm like Angelina Jolie, taking on lovers. I don't need a steady relationship.
Yessiree. This interview is certainly going to improve her already sinking image. I loved Lindsey when she first appeared in the remake of The Parent Trap. But as she grew up, it became obvious that the mischievous cheeky little girl grew up into a spoilt, bratty, egomaniac. Her agent or publicist should be fired on the spot. You do not put a microphone in front of brainless bimbo's. publicist


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