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Turtles and Tabards and New Pets

Well about 2 weeks ago World of Warcraft (the online game) released a collectable card game of the same name. And 4 days after its release, they completely sold out. Needless to say it was a HUGE hit. Yours truly bought 3 boxes.

Did I think the card game was any good? I've no clue. The reason I and many others bought the cards is because you in addition to the usual rare cards, there are 3 Loot cards which can have a special code that can get you one of 3 things in the computer game. A Turtle Mount, A new pet called the Hippogryph, and a Talbard. These cards are very rare, especially the Turtle Mount. only 1 such card for every 5000 printed (Or 1 card per 13 boxes). Sadly I shelled out for 3 boxes and no Turtle :( Now I'm considering getting one on ebay, but the prices!!! Oi!! Average price of a mount runs about $150-250. And I just can't justify the cost. (Basically I'm cheap) Sigh... but I might bid on the Hippogryph if I can find one for about $60.
Oh and Blizzard was smart on this venture. In addition to the loot cards, each booster pack (15 cards pack) contains a special point card. Essentially a pack costs $3.99 and you also get 100 points. Collect enough points and you get a "free" in game item. I'm also eyeing this, for 25,000 points you get a special item that allows you to become an Ogre!

Some might call spending money on items that don't exist crazy. The way I look at it, some people Travel, some buy shoes and clothes, others even gamble with their money. I play computer games.


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