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I'm a Terrible Uncle!

About 3-4 weeks ago (which is a lifetime for a 6 year old) my niece requested (thru my sister) for some smores flavored Ritz biscuits. They live in Singapore so I guess its not available there and I've never seen them, of course I've never looked out for them either. Anyway, it fell to the back of my mind and was forgotten... until I got an email from my niece last week.

Talk about feeling small. Naturally, I specifically made a trip to the grocery store and behold! there was smores Ritz biscuits right there in plain view. So I got 2 boxes, and decided to also get some sugar free choc for my parents. I also added some Pearson's Nutrolls. In case you didn't know Pearson's Nutrolls are manufactured in Minneapolis and is essentially a Minneapolis speciality, its even been featured on Food Network. I've tried it and it is salty/sweet. Quite unique,

So with all that bought I paacked everything up and sent it out last Saturday. And because my guilty conscience was still active I only winced when the bill for shipping came up about 3 times more than the candy inside. Ah well, we're only kids once and I'd know I would have loved to receive packages of sweets when I was a kid.


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