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Agar Agar

I got this hankering to make some Agar Agar, but would you believe that no one sells it? They only sell Gelatin. So I improvised and used more Gelatin in hopes that it would harden more. As you can see from the picture below it didn't quite hold its form.

What's the difference? If you want your jelly to giggle like in the TV commercials, use Gelatin. But if you want to make to make real agar agar cakes there simply is no substitute. Anyway I finally scored some agar agar on my Thanksgiving trip to Pittsburg and here's my Agar Agar effort. Pretty decent if I do say so myself.

I was feeling pretty good about it until I saw these agar agar creations on Yochana's blog. Put mine to absolute shame.

Good thing I bought a lot of agar agar. I'm now on a quest to improve my agar agar skills. Nothing as ambitious as Yochana's Christmas cake. I know my limitations.

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