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Movie Review: Because I Said So

Last weekend was Superbowl weekend and since I'm not a sports fan, I usually spend Superbowl weekend watching a movie. The best part is there are no crowds or problems getting seats for a show, and they usually release a romantic comedy. This year the movie is "Because I Said So".

Let me start by saying this is a total chick flick. I would imagine most guys will shun this movie. But if you're a Diane Keaton, Mandy Moore or romantic comedy fan this is actually a pretty good show. I liked this show. Its not quite as good as some other romantic comedies but overall it delivers.

The plot is an overbearing mother (Diane Keaton) who has 3 daughters. 2 are married and only one left who constantly attracts the wrong men. So she decides to step in and help by placing an online ad for her daughter, meets all the candidates and finally hits pay dirt in the form of a yuppy architect (Tom Everett Scott). But at the same time a musician also takes interest in her daughter (Gabriel Macht). So daughter number 3 (Mandy Moore) starts dating both of them, the musician whom she's attracted to and the architect who's getting inside info from her mother.

Its not an original story and they there are many mother daughter antics that you've seen in other movies as well. But there is definately a very good chemistry between Mandy Moore and Gabriel Macht which makes the falling in love angle very believable. Also, there is a 2nd romance between Diane Keaton and Stephen Collins (Gabriel's father).

Sadly this show could have done a lot more with its strong secondary cast. Among them Stephen Collins, Colin Ferguson, Lauren Graham, Piper Perabo. Its almost a crime that such a strong secondary cast is regulated to background scenery.

I give this romantic comedy a 7/10. Decent Effort and entertaining but falling short in some areas.


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