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Movie Review - Night at the Museum

Well its been quite a while since I last watched a movie. This is so damn sad, I used to watch a new movie and sometime 2-3 every single week, but as I grow older and I'll admit a lack of movie buddies, I watched 13 movies last year. I'll also place part of the blame on Hollywood cos a lot of the movies that came out were utter crap. I might elborate on this in a later post but don't feel like doing it right now.

Anyway, James Bond was my last movie and I don't think I reviewed it but trust me, watch the show. I'm not a huge Bond fan but Danial Criag redefines Bond and I LOVE IT!!! And I'm not just saying that because he looks gorgeous in swim trunks. the show really is good and gives depth to the Bond character.

Anyway, my first move for 2007 was Night at the Museum. It stars Ben Stiller and has been number one the US Best movie list for the past 3 weeks and was number 2 this week. Now if you're not a Ben Stiller fan, don't get turned off, this isn't his usual Zoolander kind of movie. This is more a Disney kind of movie with awesome special effects. In fact I was surprised that Disney didn't do this show, its really a very good feel good family show. It appeals to all demographics I think.

The whole show is about a guy who has trouble holding on to a job and finally get's a job as a night watchman in the Museum of Natural history in order to remain in his apartment and continue seeing his son. (It might sound a bit serious but its actually well done). Anyway, he discovers that at night, everything in the Museum comes to life. The rest of the show is about his discovering what he has to do and to prevent some evildoers from doing evil and in the process saves the day and becomes a hero to his son. I'm being deliverately vague here so as not to give away the plot. So if you're in need of cheering up or want to keep your kids quiet for a couple of hours, go watch Night at the Museum.

I give it an 8.5/10


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