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Foods I Miss

After about 14 years in the States, the availability of fairly authentic chinese restaurants in the US, and my "limited" cooking skills, I don't miss the foods that I grew up with. At least not as much.

But there are still a few items that I crave for.

Curry Puffs - preferbly the ones that are overstuffed with loads of chunky chicken and potatos

Otak Otak - Ahhhh this is heaven. I once tried to make this (many years ago) but since the only available fish was Salmon, that's what I used. Needless to say, it did not turn out too well. Especially since Salmon has a very strong taste and a completely different texture than mackeral.

Hock Chiew Fried Oyster Cake - Even in Singapore, I don't think this is something you see very often anymore. But this is simply excellent!

Yu Char Kway (Fired Crullers) - This is available in the States but most are frozen or not available fresh. There is simply NO substitute for a freshly fried Yu Char Kway, hot from the wok.

Bak Kwa - I've only seen this sold in Singapore and Malaysia. It is BBQ'ed chopped meat and nothing can quite compare with this delicacy. My mom recently sent me a package of these but it was in these bite sized pieces and packaged like candy. It was good, but nothing beats taking a bite out of a huge slice of Bak Kwa. (PS. Also try this sandwiched between bread and butter... mmmmmmm)

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