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Grease You're the one that I want

I've followed Grease You're the one that I want since it first premiered back in January 7, 2007. For the uninformed, this is a reality contest much like American Idol. The twist is that the winners of this contest will be in the revival of Grease on Broadway which opens this summer 2007. So after winning the contest, the winners of Danny and Sandy will have almost no time before they have to appear on Broadway which in itself takes months of intense practice and rehearsals.

Its been a really fun journey of seeing all the open casting calls and seeing the final 14 Danny's and Sandy's selected. And from there the elimination process until the final 2 winners were chosen on Sunday 25th March 2007.

As I said I've followed this show religiously. And I've had a definite favorite. Austin Miller. I've even been calling in every week to make sure that he wins. All that ended last week. It was the first time I didn't call in. The reason is that I could not decide between Austin or Max.

Let me give you a little lowdown. Austin is dubbed "HOT Danny". He's gorgeous, muscled and talented. Even from Day 1, it was obvious that he had tons more training and talent than just about all the other guys. Plus, I had seen Austin when he was starring as Link in Hairspray and I LOVED him. Then there's Max, dubbed "Slacker Danny". This guy did a COMPLETE 360. If you compare him on day 1 in open casting call and in the final showdown, he's a completely different person. You literally see his transformation every single week and I'll say this for him. He will never be labeled a hunk, he looks like a teenager, he's skinny and basically looks like a nerd, but part way thru the series you see an amazing transformation. And when he sings, you literally see how damn good and talented he is. You can envision him being Danny. His singing and acting skills are phenomenal.

Needless to say the audience was equally separated. Among the girls Laura was the definite favorite and she won. She had that wholesome innocent look and was also able to transform into a hot Sandy. For the Guys, there was only a 1% margin separating Austin and Max. Max won and is will now play Danny on Broadway.

I'm very glad for him. From day 1 he was the underdog, but I have to say that he didn't win based on Sympathy votes. He truly was better between the singing showdowns against Austin. The only downside is that he looks scrawny, but then again with daily gym time and his amazing singing/acting, I think people will be able to accept him as Danny, Leader of the T-birds.
Now my big decision is should I plan a trip to New York later this year? Hmmmm....

A Clip of one of Max's best Solo.

Compare this with one of Austin's best Solo.

Showdown between Max and Austin

Presenting the new Danny and Sandy!!!

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