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Bad Subtitles

I just finished a new Korean Serial called Spring Waltz. I like the asian concept of movie serials better than western television's TV seasons. Each serial has a complete story concept from start till end, and this is sometimes better for storytelling. A good example would be Lost which had a great story concept but falls flat because after 3 seasons, we STILL don't know anything about the damned island they are stranded on.

But I digress. I enjoyed watching Spring Waltz but I've a beef with the companies that do the subtitling for the movies. The whole show is in korean and if they would only spend more money on decent subtitling, I know that it would attract many more viewers and in turn more money for the producers.

How bad was the subtitling? Take a look for yourself.

This was an above average romantic Korean Serial. Lots of tears every 15 mins (a korean trademark) I originally got the serial because I like one of the actors. Daniel Henney. He's actually an american who's 1/2 Korean and found success in Korea.

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