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Happy Mothers Day

Well I called my mom and wished her Happy Mothers Day. Aside from that I borrowed 2 romantic comedies that were released for Mother's Day 2007. And here are my reviews for all you mothers out there.
Music and Lyrics is an excellent show. Lately, all of Drew's movies are hits or at the very least very watchable, and Hugh Grant is charming in this one. Its so good in fact that I've up loaded 2 clips from the movie. Both are money shots (which makes the whole show worth while). I'm definitely buying this one for my DVD library.

Catch and Release ... is terrible. Unless you're a die hard Jennifer Gardner fan, give this one a miss. As a romantic movie, it fails on so many counts. The groom dies the day before his wedding, and that's the start of the movie. One of the close friends tries to commit suicide. Need I go on? This seems more like a drama than a romance. So if you want romance, skip this one. The journey to the happy ending is too tedious.

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