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DVD Reviews - Ghost Rider

I used to read Ghost Rider comics way back in my childhood, but he was never a favorite character of mine so this film didn't do much to fire my interest. Even worse was that Nicholas Cage was picked for the part of Ghost Rider, and while I do admit that he's a good actor, he's never struck me as an action hero.

The film itself was fair, but biggest problem I had with it was the pacing. Ghost Rider runs about 2 hours and should have been cut down to 90 mins because there were some scenes where you wished they would just hurry the story along.

Another issue with the film was Nicholas Cage. He's proven that he can act, hell he's even got an academy award for Leaving Las Vegas. Its just too bad that his acting on this show sucked! They should have gone with a much younger Ghost Rider and scripted a more action packed flick. If you're skeptical about his acting sucking on this film, just fast forward to the final showdown he has with Blackheart (the Devil's son). He gives a short speech just before he wastes Blackheart. The memory of the speech he gives is PAINFUL to even recall, I've seen many B grade actors give a more convincing speech.

My vote is if you're not terribly interested in this movie to skip it. And if you're only looking for a B grade action flick then this might be the rental for you. I give this movie a 3/5.

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