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City of Heroes - Revisited

City of Heroes/Villains recently had a reactivation weekend, so you can come back and visit if you are interested in seeing the the game, they even had a new update or Issue as they call it where an Allen race called the Rikti were invading Paragon City.

I got City of Heroes when it first came out back in 2004 but I only played it for that first month. Like everyone else I found a lot to like about the game and a lot to hate. After 3 years, 1 expansion and numerous updates, how do I now find the game?
My opinions have not changed. Its still tremendous fun to create a new character, nothing beats the feeling when you first get your mode of transport, (I chose flying as my transport ability). And the powers available to you are quite fun. But now on to the bad points of the game. There are now more quests but sadly when compared to games like World of Warcraft and Everquest2, the quests in CoH are dull, boring and repetative. The game now drops. There is some itemization in the form of inscriptions and such but when compared to the itemization of items available in other MMO's City of Heroes just can't compare. Finally, and the worst trangression is that after an hour playing on my old character, I was feeling the level grind. This is never good for an MMO.

Bottomline, City of Heroes has improved since its initial launch and added many features that have improved the game, but the same glaring issues that were wrong with it initially have not improved.

Still its not a total loss. I finally got screenshots of my old characters which I spent loads of time creating.

For some reason I've always fixated on Automan, an homage to the 80's TV series. I usually use Automan as my avatar name in RPG games. Aside from that, as you can see all my heroes are burning hunks of testosterone. **grin** We all have fantasies.

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