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Book Review - Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows

Ahhhh yes. July 21st 2007 is when the book was released and I spend Fri - Sun rereading book 6 and just completed book 7. Amazon did an awesome job delivering the book on Saturday and even the box is customized just for Harry Potter as you can see in the picture.

SO!! Was it worth the wait? Is it as good as the previous 6 books, were there twists and turns that we didn't expect? YES, KINDA, Depends.

This final book more so than any of the others proves that the Potter books might not be suitable for younger children. Remember when J. K. Rowling write the books she meant for her audience to grow with the books. So the kids who started reading book One 7 years ago are now about 17 and older. This does not however help new kids who are currently reading Book 1 and expect to devour all 7 books in one go.


There are themes in book 7 which rival most other existing fantasy sci-fi novels with respect to loss, death, sacrifice.

Make no mistake, Book 7 is NOTHING like the first 3 books and much darker than the last 3 books. It is not as fun to read as there are very few light hearted moments. This book truly is dark. So what keep you reading? Finding out what happens to Harry of course.

The first quarter of the book is pretty fun, but chapters 9 - 25 is dark and depressing. But fear not chapters 25-35 will redeem the book and starts building up to the finale which is quite satisfying. And kudos to Rowlings on the addition of her epilogue. While the ending was satisfying, the addition of the epilogue is almost like a tribute to her long suffering readers and bring closure to the whole Potter Saga.

Yes I'm being deliberately vague so as not to give away anything. Let's face it if you're a potter fan you've probably already got a copy of this book, or soon will. If you're not, this review isn't going to change your mind.

While reading this final book, I kept imagining how the movie version would play out. Kept imagining Daniel Radcliffe and Maggie Smith and Robbie Coltrane reprising their roles. For although the saga of Harry Potter is finally complete, we still have the final 2 movies to look forward to.



So what parts would I most love to see in the movie version of book 7?

1. The Wedding of Fleur and Bill.
2. Seeing Maggie Smith rallying up the whole of Hogwarts and dueling Snape.
3. Seeing flashbacks of Snapes life.
4. The awesome battle at Hogwarts.
4. The final battle between Voldermort and Harry.
5. Please please please include the epilogue. To see them all grown up 19 years later and sending their kids off to Hogwarts is just so so satisfying.

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