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Vanityfair's Next Gen Men

VanityFair magazine has a very interesting article on Hollywood's Next Gen Men. Basically up and coming actors who might one day become the leading men of tomorrow replacing Brad Pitt, George Clooney etc.

I don't agree with all their picks, but then again my criteria is a little more biased than theirs.
Personally I don't find Shia LaBeouf attractive but there is no denying that of all the Next Gen men, his star is shinning the brightest. With Transformers and Disturbia under his belt, and not to mention the upcoming Indiana Jones 4, he's definitely the brightest star right now.

Kevin Zegers is the pretty boy of the lot. Just about every teen and pre-teen know him from the disney hit High School Musical and he's also in Hairspray. What he needs is to start branching out and doing more than just the teenage movies, otherwise he'll probably be a has been in a few years.

--edit -- Opps, made a mistake, I was thinking of Zac Efron. Kevin Zegers is the former Disney star of the Air Bud movies and Transamerica.

Henry Cavill is gorgeous, and has a very bright future. If he seems unfamiliar to you its probably because he's a British actor. But his credits include the upcoming movie Stardust, as well as the very highly rated Showtime series The Tudors. Check out his wiki.

Channing Tatum needs no introduction. Even if you missed his recent movies (which basically showcase his six pack abs), I'm pretty sure you've seen him in dozens of commercials. I don't quite see him as a real actor, in fact, I'd say to date he's nothing more than another second rate model turned actor. Still... VanityFair probably knows more than I do on this score.

Let me begin by saying that this is one of the worst photos I've seen of Steven Strait. He's gorgeous, don't take my word for it, go rent The Covenant. But beyond his looks, he's starring in some big upcoming movies 10,000 BC, and Priest both out in 2008.

Finally, we have Ben Foster. He was Angel in X-men 3, the character that was hyped up and ended up being complete fluff in the movie. I don't know what to make of Ben, he's definitely talented and you can see this from his role in Six Feet Under, but will he make it big? ONly time will tell.

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