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Movie Review: Ratatouille

Ahhhh.... Pixar does it yet again. The only Pixar movie that I've missed has been Cars, Aside from that I own every other Pixar movie released. Ratatouille is yet another diamond in their already gem laden crown.

Ratatouille follows the antics of a Rat who unlike his peers, has a love and talent for food. Good food. Gourmet food. He ends up hooking with a kitchen challenged boy and together they produce masterpiece after masterpiece and elivate the restaurant to 5 star status. Of course no Pixar movie can be complete without the villan, and here we have the ultimate food critic who's out to destroy the restaurant.

Ratatouille might be more suitable for older children and adults because I'm not so sure how younger kids relate to Gourmet food. In my experience, kids HATE Gourmet food, have you tried getting a kid (who is not Japanese) to try sushi? or frog's leg?

Still there are many moments where the show will win over the younger audience and being a foodie myself, I absolutely loved the show. It also occured to me that for the younger generation, Pixar is to them what Disney is to many of us older folk. After all who released all the most popular cartoon/animations in the past 10 years?

Ah well, if you want a fun light hearted show, I highly recommend Ratatouille. I give this show a 4.5/5.


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