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TV Review - Doctor Who - Season 3

FINALLY!!! SciFi channel has shown the 1st episode of Dr. Who Season 3. David Tennant's back and his new sidekick is Freema Agyeman.
For those of you who thought that Dr. Who was a little too "light" and not serious enough you'll want to keep tuned for Season 3. In particular episode 9 "The Family of Blood", and episode 11 - 13 "Utopia / The Sound of Drums / Last of the Time Lords". You want drama? You'll get it in spades! And Captain Jack's back for episode 11 - 13.

Yessir! I've already seen the entire series online and it is the best season of Dr Who yet, I'll still tune in to SciFi Friday's because watching Dr. Who online isn't quite the same as watching it on a full length TV.

Oh and here's a little spoiler. Dr. Who's getting a new companion for Season 4. Its Catherine Tate who played Donna the bride in the Christmas Special. As for Freema, all we know right now is that she'll join up again mid-season 4. No confirmation yet if she's only guest starring or will continue on as a companion.

PS. Torchwood (The Spinoff starring Captain Jack) is coming to BBC America on September 8th!


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