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Impressions of Tabula Rasa Beta

Those reading this blog will know that computer gaming has long been in my blood and is a life long hobby. And more recently MMORPG's are my new passion. That said I will be skipping Tabula Rasa when it comes out on 19th Oct.

I am currently in the Tabula Rasa beta and I have to say that I'm not all that impressed. I won't bother with doing an actual review of the game. For that you can read these reviews:

Tobold's preview
Keen and Graev Review

For myself, the graphics on High are gorgeous The gameply of aiming and shooting mobs like in an FPS is unique and different. Its also fun... for the forst few hours. Then it gets very very old real quick. They have quests for you to kill 400 of a mob. I'm sorry but that's worse than anything World of Warcraft ever came up with.

But the biggest transgression for me was the classes. In any MMORPG or RPG game, a player should be excieted to level up. Tabula Rasa fails on this point. The names and descriptions of their classes are mandane and ordinary. Enduring over 30 levels in this game, you can look forward to becoming a Spy, Sniper, Engineers, Medic and several more classes I won't bother to mention. Uhhhhh... Medic? What genius thought that Medic as a high level class description was a good idea?

To top all this off, I have some beef with Richard Garriott. If you read the blogsphere, many people seem to think of him as some visionary and such junk. What many many many of them forget or don't know is that he was the idolt that was responsible for Ultima IX: Ascension. A game so broken that on launch day, less than 50% of people could play it on their systems and those that did were faced with game breaking bugs.

I was one of those dumbasses who paid over $70 for the Dragon Edition of the game and it was at that point that I vowed that Richard Garriott went from the hero who invented the Ultima series to an untrust worthy ass and who's future games would need significant success before I ever paid another dollar for.

That said I see Tabula Rasa as a game that might rival LoTRO in fame initially, but will need to improve their end game significantly before it will be worth my dollars.

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