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Singapore Trip - Part 1

The blogging has been at a standstill the past few weeks while I was in Singapore. But I'm back and I took quite a few pictures.

This was my welcome home at the airport after flying about 22 hours.

The main reason for my going back in Nov was to celebrate my Mom's borthday for the first time in over 10 odd years. We all went out to dinner at Li Bai. And below is the group family shot along with the birthday cake.

Had to take a pictue of this. Its an asian fruit called Nangka, its sooo good.

We also did a family weekend in Sentosa, a small island off the coast of Singapore. The last time I was there, the only ways on and off the island were by ferry or cable car, now there's a road connecting it to Singapore which makes thing much easier. Its been over 20 years since I've stepped on the island and man has it changed. Its essentially a beach resort now.

And here I'm showing off my new Crocs. Basically fancy slippers but its comfortable and great for beach ware.

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