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Singapore Trip - Part 2

The family took an extended weekend trip to Bangkok. This is another place I've not been to in over 20 years, but man did I have fun here. Since it was a short trip we didn't do any cultural stuff, it was mainly a long shopping trip.
Bangkok sure has changed a lot, its what Kuala Lumpur looked like about 10 odd years ago. In my opinion if you're going to East Asia, Bangkok's gotta be on your list to visit. Unlike Singapore and Malaysia which now resemble just about every other metropolitian city in the world, Bangkok offers the comforts of the western civilization while still retaining its character. (Translated, bargaining is only allowed, its expected).

Sushi is everywhere in Bangkok.

This was the inside of a mall, simply gorgeous.

The cabs in Bangkok are so darn colourful.

Here's the family on an outing to Pat-Pong. An famous daytime outdoor shopping area.

Look at the gorgeous fruit, the colors are so bright and bold!

I found a hidden treasure here, this shop sells hand carved wooden dragons and other fantasy creatures. I really went to town on this shop.

Here's one of the dragon figures I bought.

Here's the one I wished I could have brought home with me.

Oh and piracy is alive and well here in Bangkok. Each dvd costs only 100 baht. That about US$3. WOOT!

And this is us flying back to Singapore.

I can't deny that you have very good idea. By the way, from my experience of Bangkok trip. I think that looking for accommodation around Sukhumvit are is the good idea because Sukhunvit is in the heart of the shopping district, both in terms of large department stores and the various stalls lining both sides of the road. The various side-streets provide a proliferation of nightlife venues. For the renowned and well-known spots, you will need to walk onwards past the Asok crossroads to Sukhumvit Soi 21 or Soi Cowboy. This area also offers a wide selection of cuisine to choose from, both in terms of air-conditioned high-end restaurants and open air restaurants offering quite reasonable prices.

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