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Currently Playing

World of Warcraft

Still playing World of Warcraft, still in the same guild, but I've cut down my raiding night to twice a week instead of 4 times a week. My main Astir has gotten a bunch of upgrades and the guild is just starting Black Temple, soon we'll be wearing Tier 6 gear. Good chance that it will be before Wraith of the Lich King.

I played WOW a lot more when patch 2.4 was released but over all my wow time has dwindled down, I'm not even playing my alts much.

Age of Conan

I won't give a detailed review of Age of Conan, in fact there are plenty of places to see other people's reviews. I upgraded my PC to play AoC and it also runs on my laptop (although not at max settings). The game is pretty, very very pretty. The avatar you make actually looks sexy, its one of the most gorgeous avatars on the market. But that aside its not grabbing me and making me play hours on end. I am however playing it in short bursts.

With my current travel and work schedule, I'm only level 14 and playing a Tempest of Set. The beginning area is very well designed but the quests are ... so god damn boring. Run to point A, kill X, run to point B turn it in and run back to point A again. The amount of running back and forth is mind numbing. Don't get me wrong, since WOW was released, I've tried so many other MMO's (SWG, EverQuest 2, Vanguard, Hellgate, DDO, Tabula Rasa, Lord of the Rings, ...) and this is by far the best MMO since World of Warcraft (given what I've seen till level 14). But it still falls far from the bar set by WOW.

It might keep me occupied for a couple of months but nothing I've seen is making me jump for joy.

Jade Empire

I played Jade Empire when it was first released on the XBOX. Heck its the reason I bought the xbox. But its still an excellent RPG. Next to Blizzard, Bioware is the next best computer game studio and I would buy their products review unseen.

The PC version has much better graphics and controls. That aside, I'm still loving the game.

PS. Don't ask me about my avatar's name.


finally, my last game is Mythos. Here's the thing, the game is still in closed beta and I did agree to an NDA, but I'll say this about it...

This game pretty good especially since its free to play. But a few weeks ago we found out that the game is making a huge change. Its going from an instanced game into a real MMO. Previously, the main towns are the only areas where you would see other people. Now, its will be like logging into WOW, their joined all the instanced areas into a single connected world.

This is a huge change, and a BIG gamble. Up till now Mythos has been getting neutral to glowing reviews even in closed beta. But NOW!!! I'm going out on a limb and say that they turned an OK game into an AWESOME one.

I am loving the game now. Its an excellent diablo2 like clone with its own look and feel, its a full MMO game and best of all its still free to play. Mark my words, this one (unlike its brother Hellgate) is gonna be a hit.


Hey this is Taylor Balbi from Flagship Studios. I work on Mythos and I wanted you to know that there's no NDA in effect at all. Say whatever you want about Mythos :) Thanks for playing!

WOOT! I actually got a comment from an actual Flagship Studios employee. Heh, a Mythos review is forthcoming as I advance more into the MMO world of Mythos.

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