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My Week

I travel to Pittsburgh every Sunday afternoon and fly back home on Thursday nights. But its also crunch time at work and they have us working shifts. So this week and the next 3 weeks I'm working 12 noon - 11pm Mon - Wed and 7am - 4pm Thursdays.

I'm ok with this because being a night owl, I actually get more sleep with this shift method and don't have to wake up before 8 or 9am which to me is awesome, plus I get to hit the gym for a leisurely workout. The down side is that computer play time is now almost nil during the work week. And since Thursday is a morning shift coming straight from a night shift, I'm currently dragging a little and need coffee to keep me going.

Still it is Thursday and I am flying home so my spirits are high. This weekend, I don't have ANY appointments or tasks that need to be done. It's just me and whatever I wanna do. My toughest choices this week are should I watch "The Happening" or "The Incredible Hulk" or both, and what to eat.

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