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Weekend Cooking

Yep, I made corned beef and cabbage again. But this time I made it in a crockpot. Super easy. Just dump everything in the pot overnight and its ready to eat when you wake up. I also made Green Bean casserole. Another easy dish, green beans, can of campbells mushroom soup, some milk and back for 45mins. This was yummy.

Here we have my attempt at japanese egg custard. Also called Chawanmushi. I followed this recipe. I didn't have any dashi soup stock so I used miso soup paste and didn't use quite enough water. The result? It was not very good. Actually I just ate the mushrooms and threw most of the egg custard away.

I love Chawanmushi but the making of it still eludes me.

About the corned beef & cabbage. I know you placed everything listed into the crockpot, but i don't see liquid. Don't a crockpot need liquid to cook? Was it difficult to wash up? Or is it that you layered potatoes at the bottom than beef next layer.

The sister

Yep, there was liquid in the pot, enough to cover the beef. But I didn't show it in the photo.

Wash up is fairly easy if you pre-soak the crockpot and since its ceramic, easy to wash.

Suggest you use the liquid from soaking the mushrooms in lieu of the dashi.

Slice the mushrooms up dude. :)

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