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Spore Creature Creator

I just got my copy of Spore Creature Creator!!! SPORE is a new computer game that's coming out in about 2+ months. The game is basically a sims game but starts with ... a spore and having that spore develop into a creature, into a society, into a civilization and eventually intergalactic travel. Its essentially sim life.

In the mean while, they just released the creature creator tool for $10, considering that this does nothing but allow you to create a creature, and is included in the upcoming game, this is an awesome marketing and money tool. Its also DAMN FUN! Not only can you create any and everything under the sun given time and talent, the creature you create is fully mobile, and you can take picture and videos and automatically upload them to youtube.

Here's my first 2 novice attempts at creature creation.

A Proto Human that needs a lot of work. Others have created much more realistic cavemen. But I think mine's cute.

And my idea of a plant animal.

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