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My Weekend

Wish I could say I had a great weekend but my week never ended. This weekend is my project's Go Live weekend. This means the office is working 24 hours and all the staff is split into 3 shifts. I've been on the 11pm - 9am shift since Thursday and this is likely to continue into next week.

But things are pretty ok for me, I've been staying at Ein's place instead of the hotel this week, so its nice having a fridge and kitchen + other homely comforts. Still I am looking forward to flying back home on Thursday.

My biggest regret this weekend is missing out on WALL-E. The reviews are awesome and I've been in love with the trailer for 3 months. I sooo want a WALL-E stuffed toy and I've not seen the movie yet.

But my comfort is in knowing that since I'm an hourly consultant, I'm getting paid for all the time I'm working, unlike the poor saps who actually work for my client. They've been putting in overtime for over a year since the merger with nothing more than verbal thanks.

Oh and I did have one VERY bright spot this weekend. Blizzard finally announced that Diablo 3 will be coming out. Diablo2 is one of the most successful computer games of all time and my personal favorite game. This shows how big a geek I am, the announcement of an up upcoming game which probably won't be released till 2010 was the highlight of my week.

I hope you're getting compensated for accommodation altho you're at Eins. Those numbers build up & should be nice to watch = another highlight when the cheque comes in. The sister

Yep. Compensated and splitting it with Eins. Its a nice benefit. :)

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