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Feeling High

As a gamer, I play computer/console games in the hopes of encountering that one game that gives me a high. That feeling of being so totally engrossed in the game that you lose hours upon hours of your life and it feels like you only just started playing.

Sadly there are very few such games around and its been a while since I've gotten that high. When all your waking thoughts somehow drift around that game. My last high was perhaps "Sins of a Solar Empire" back in February but for some reason or other it only lasted a couple of weeks.

Yesterday, Blizzard announced a Refer-A-Friend program for World of Warcraft. If you've read my blogs you know that I actively play the game. I've got 2 level 70 characters and a level 66. With this new program, get triple the XP for leveling, an in game mount and several other benefits. All for referring a friend who then signs up and buys the game and pays to play for an additional 2 months.

So what a lot of people (me included) have done is to refer myself as a friend, pay $19.99 for the game, and an additional 2 months game play ($30). This means I now have 2 accounts with World of Warcraft (WOW) and what I do is open 2 sessions of WOW and play 2 characters at once, leveling both at triple the speed.

Total cost is $19.99 + $30 - $15 = $34.99 (The subtraction of $15 is because the person referring a friend gets a free month of WOW). Sounds expensive? Especially for a game I've been playing for almost 4 years now? It might be but here's the thing that makes it all worth while, I feel like I'm playing a whole new game, there are 9 classes in the game currently and I've only truly played 3 classes.

Bottomline, I've re-found a game that gives me that high which is all gamers truly want. And if I'm lucky, this high will last at least a month and I might get 3 new level 60's in the process.

Ei Bro,
Get a life man. The sister

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